How may we support YOU?

Caduceus is designed to reduce your overall cost to collect by bringing scale to your revenue cycle operations.


The Big Picture

We focus on the detail, so you can focus on the big picture

Facility competencies

  • Patient registration

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Check-in/Check-out

  • TOS Payment collection

  • Referrals and prior authorizations

  • Charge capture [optional for Caduceus to perform]

  • Exception based workflows [No Shows, Missing Slips, Appts. to reschedule]

  • TOS reconciliation

  • Patient payment plans and pre-payment plans

  • Approve write-offs

  • Internal practice policy creation and deployment

  • Local hardware maintenance

  • Payer contract negotiation


Engineered for your success

With Caduceus behind the scenes, we will change the way you feel about…

caduceus expertise

  • Credentialing

  • Review of scrubs and practice specific denials (HOLD and MGRHOLD)

  • Fee schedule maintenance

  • Robust reporting and analytics

  • Complex denials management

  • Patient AR management and collections

  • Patient AR, refunds and credit balances

  • Real time performance monitoring

  • Creation and deployment of best practices

  • Analysis of patient population and market opportunities

  • Training and on-boarding of new practices

  • Interface queue management

  • Patient call center

  • Complex coding compliance review (optional)

  • Manage local practice rules

  • Athena table space build and future growth and maintenance

  • Consultative optimization and deployment of best practices

  • Dedicated on-site administrative and revenue cycle management team

  • Unapplied cash management

  • Practice acquisition consulting


Working with athenahealth?

Whether your facility is operating with or without athenahealth at the helm, Caduceus is equipped to …

Partnered for success

  • Payer Enrollment (EDI, ERA and EFT)

  • Maintenance of master insurance package database

  • Creation and maintenance of claim scrubs and rules

  • Automatic eligibility checks

  • Patient appointment reminders

  • Credit card and check TOS processing

  • Initial claim scrub and claim submission prep

  • Process and manage payer transactions (payments, adjustments, etc.)

  • Translate denials and perform payer follow-up

  • Resolve denials and execute appeals

  • Patient statements

  • Upgrades and updates